A Market Sonnet

by John Martini — Martini Vineyards/Anthony Road Wine Co.

Old Peace Corps Volunteer decided to try farming grapes, making wine and selling in the GrowNYC Greenmarket System since mid-nineties.

Around the globe, ancient markets thrived.

With growers and tradesmen, craftsmen as well,

who piled high their goods, bright arrays to sell.

Customers, rich and poor alike arrived,

To buy, to meet and greet old friends and new.

They gossip, laugh and cry, eager to share

Marketplace, meeting place, a winning pair

They squeeze and smell, all to see what you grew.

And here in New York, Greenmarkets have grown,

Crowded venues for goods, chatter and tales,

Forty years, fresh fruit, vegetables the lure.

Of all the memories that I have known

my customers fade after years of sales

The hugs after nine-eleven still endure.