Happy Birthday, Greenmarket

It was 40 years ago this past Saturday, July 16, 2016 when Greenmarket was first born under the 59th Street Bridge. We celebrated at the oldest and largest of our 54 markets, the Union Square Greenmarket, on Friday night with all of our closest friends and supporters. We were also honored to have Greenmarket’s founders, Barry Benepe and Bob Lewis, on hand to share their stories from the good old days. While Barry and Bob are both great storytellers, there’s nothing like seeing it for yourself; the 1970s in New York City are almost unimaginable compared to today’s more polished version. We’ve cracked open the Greenmarket archives to share this video, shot in that first year, so you can get a glimpse of exactly what those early market days were like and how important they were to both the farmers and New Yorkers alike.

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