New York City’s New Schools Chancellor

By Karin Goldmark, Senior Education Policy Advisor

Richard Carranza is a man of honor and integrity who has spent his entire life fighting for our kids to receive the same opportunities he did. The grandson of Mexican immigrants and the son of a sheet worker and a hairdresser, Richard grew up speaking Spanish at home and didn’t learn how to speak English until he went to school. He played mariachi music to pay his own way through college.

As soon as he graduated, he went to teach bilingual social studies and music at a high school- thus beginning his career as a lifetime educator. This high school teacher worked his way up to become a principal, then superintendent of San Francisco, Houston and now Schools Chancellor of New York City.

Having fought to ensure all children have access to a great education throughout his his entire career, Richard is nationally known for his commitment to equity and excellence, and for his success in turning around struggling schools. During his tenure as deputy superintendent and the superintendent, San Francisco raised graduation rates for African-American students by 13.9 percentage points, and for Hispanic students by 15.4 percentage points. These rates grew significantly faster than the growth rates in California as a whole. Richard also lead the highly successful effort to re-open Houston schools two weeks after Hurricane Harvey.

Richard Carranza is an exemplary public servant, and will further the progress the Mayor has made to strengthen public schools for 1.1 million children.


Live from City Hall, in the greatest city on earth. @NYCMayor Eric Adams

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NYC Mayor's Office

Live from City Hall, in the greatest city on earth. @NYCMayor Eric Adams