Streets and Sidewalks Are Getting Cleaner Under the de Blasio Administration

by the New York City Mayor’s Office

For the past 40 years, New York City has recorded its percentage of “acceptably clean streets”, as measured by a seven-point rating scale by the City’s field inspectors.
Under the de Blasio Administration, street cleanliness continues to reach record levels. In fact, in Fiscal Year 2017, 95.9% of streets in NYC were rated as acceptably clean, an all-time high. Check out these handy charts from the Mayor’s Office of Operations outlining the trend:

Sidewalk cleanliness has also reached a record high of 97.3%:

New York City has maintained these annual measures across six administrations, starting with Mayor Beame in the 1970s. Throughout this time, New York City has steadily become a better place to live and work, with cleaner streets and sidewalks strengthening quality-of-life for all residents.