Music to New York’s Ears

Digital music service Spotify joined me today for an exciting announcement.

Spotify will move their New York headquarters to 4 World Trade Center in Manhattan, creating 1,050 new jobs, and keeping an additional 832 right here in New York.

This is great news for lower Manhattan, and another example of how New York State is working with business to grow our tech sector, spur job creation, and strengthen the economy.

To mark the company’s new expansion, I’ve created my first Spotify playlist featuring some of New York’s most famous artists. Give it a listen now >> This playlist is filled with some of my favorites, including hits from New Yorkers like Billy Joel and Peter Seeger, with a little something for all New Yorkers on there, too.

Spotify’s decision to headquarter their operations in New York State is only the latest example of our successful efforts to invest in a diverse business community and spur job creation across the state.

Recently, companies have worked with the Empire State Development Corporation to create 1,824 new high-tech and digital jobs, and to retain an additional 1,513 jobs.

I’m proud of New York’s commitment to our thriving business industry and in particular to the tech and innovation sectors.