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Michael Shain
2 min readJun 15, 2018


Things you can do to maintain clean air in your home.

Penney Poyzer, the “Queen of Green”, shares her clean indoor air secrets that you can implement in your home and business.

Some of her suggestions are obvious such as, cut out smoke, using natural cleaning solutions such as vinegar, cutting out air fresheners and adding plants around your home/business.

Other suggestions such as choosing formaldehyde free decorating products and washing new clothes before wearing them, are not as obvious.

When you have to use something with a strong odor of smell, open a window so it dissipates and becomes less offensive.

Unless you are using a “green” dry cleaner, your clothes will have a chemical called perchloroethylene (PERC) on them. It’s best to air those items outside before wearing them. This toxic chemical can affect your central nervous system and cause other health problems.

NY Indoor Air Quality Solutions is all about helping you have clean air and lessening any respiratory issues you may have or that may come along in your life.

Contact Mike Shain to find out how he can help you improve your indoor air quality. He’s a pro when it comes to clean indoor air.

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Michael Shain

Michael Shain is an Indoor Air Quality Environmentalist.