Prevent Lead Poisoning with Professional Water Testing

Lead Water Testing in Nassau & Suffolk Counties Long Island is very important to the health of those drinking the water.
With all the buzz in the news lately, schools are more aware of the possibility of lead in their drinking water. It is of the utmost importance to have the drinking water tested especially in our Nassau & Suffolk Counties Long Island schools. Our children are extremely vulnerable to Lead Poisoning which severely affects mental and physical development and if the levels are high enough, fatal according to The Mayo Clinic.

Newsday just published an article about the Northport School District on Long Island, NY finding high levels of lead in the water fountains. 
Symptoms of lead poisoning in children include the following:

Developmental delay
Learning difficulties
Loss of appetite
Weight loss
Sluggishness and fatigue
Abdominal pain
Hearing loss

If you think your child has been exposed to lead, consult your pediatrician immediately.

If you have any questions or need more information about LEAD Poisoning, feel free to contact 
Michael Shain of NY Indoor Air Quality Solutions.
(631) 275–5999

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