In Case You Missed It

The Legislative Session opened this week and Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb laid out our conference’s legislative agenda.

“Once again, the Assembly Republican Conference will put forward the strongest and most effective anti-corruption proposals in the Legislature, and we will demand changes to Albany’s “business as usual” approach that will include:
Ending the secretive, dysfunctional practice of “three men in a room” budget negotiations;
Pension forfeiture legislation that strips convicted officials of taxpayer-funded retirements;
Implementing term limits for legislative leaders and committee chairs;
Banning outside income for legislative leaders and limiting outside income for committee chairs; and
Rules reforms that empower individual members and put a greater emphasis on serving constituents, rather than serving political parties.”

Leader Kolb also addressed the Assembly and laid out our agenda. Here are some excerpts from our official Twitter account.

Assemblyman Marc Butler sat down with WKTV to discuss legislative priorities.

Assemblywoman Jane Corwin asked constituents to respond to a survey on their legislative priorities.

We launched our official Instagram profile.

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