Take a knee.
Patrick Gothman

I understand the sentiment, but it’s very clear that Kneeling now is only a response to Trump. It meant a lot more last year when Kaepernick first started it, but only now is it trendy to do it. And many of my leftist friends were upset to learn that Kaepernick did not even participate in the election last year.

The Black Lives Matter message has been clear for a few years now. Maybe they should be pivoting to concrete legislative action (bodycam initiative has seen successes), but now they’re just getting worse and disrespecting the flag now.

I remember, in 2013, when I walked into a town hall meeting with an American flag design backpack. A black man told me “what you doing with that bag? This country ain’t for you!”

I don’t believe this kneeling trend is patriotic in the slightest. I will not be fooled.

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