PennantPark — Financial Visionaries

Deep in the heart of New York, New York, there is a company that is rethinking the investment process. Pennant Park, founded by Arthur H. Penn in 2007, believes in one core ideal; middle-market lending done correctly yields superior risk/reward opportunities. Ten years later, this core belief has resulted in nothing but success for PennantPark. The investment company has invested over seven billion dollars in five hundred different companies. With a strong leadership by Arthur Penn Pennant Park intends to grow exponentially by continuing to invest in middle-market businesses.

To understand PennantPark’s rapid growth and success, one must understand Arthur H. Penn. Penn is no stranger to investments. With over thirty years of experience in mezzanine lending, leveraged finance, distressed debt, and private equity businesses, Penn has developed the knowledge, skill, and expertise to be successful in the market. In addition to his personal experience, Penn keeps a very strong senior leadership team with extensive experience of their own. In fact, there is over 100 years of experience between the six members on the senior leadership team; furthermore, they have been working together for over two decades. In many ways, this is a distinguishing asset to PennantPark. Two decades of consistent collaboration can form a team that is effective, efficient, and successful. With such a strong team and Penn’s leadership, PennantPark is poised to advance.

Leadership, like most things, is developed over time. The skills required to lead must be forged in constant exposure. Penn has held a wide variety of leadership positions throughout the years. At Lehman Brothers, Penn served as Head of High-Yield Capital Markets from 1992 to 1994. He then spent five years at BT Securities and BT Alex. Brown Incorporated as Global Head of Fixed Income Capital markets. From there, Penn spent 2 years as Global Head of Leveraged Finance at UBS Warburg LLC (now UBS Investment Bank) before continuing to Apollo Value Fund L.P. as a Managing Partner. He went on to co-found Apollo Investment Management and served as President, Managing Partner, and Chief Financial Officer.

Since founding PennantPark, Penn has led the company and the 35 member staff in opening offices in 5 major cities: New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, and London. Long story short, Penn is no stranger to holding a leadership role. Through his leadership, PennantPark has utilized a unique approach to investment.