The Shocking Reason Millennials are Binging on Songs about Binging on Drugs
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

We can hear your pain, thank you for sharing. You are feeling sorry for yourself and we have all been there I think. Yet i believe that we are the only ones to get us out of it. Believing that we can’t be ourself is what is stopping most of us. We are tough, we have to be because that is the way it is for now…but that shouldn’t stop us to be emotional about it sometimes. If you need to shout, sing it, cry it, you can! It is our freedom of choice! It is fantastic ! And I admire women who share it. Yet after doing this you should stop crying and start something different. These singers will do it, they are artist, they go on creating something new! Doing, building, trying is what makes a person. Every small win, getting back up makes us stronger and more self confident!

No one, not the media, not the governments not even your family and friends can stop you believe in yourself. Find the balance, what makes you tick, change the rhythm until you feel that you are on the right track.

I promise you something, the doubts will come back again and again. It is normal because that is our emotional connection to the world which is complex and imbalance! So of course you will be side tracked many time. Take the time to breathe and reconnect with yourself! Everyone can do that in our “advance” countries world where women fought hard to be able to vote and are still fighting everyday to be respected. Many places are way worst for women. There are even places where they are not even considered human but a possession, no possibility of expressing their needs or their dislikes. No choice at all is worst then having the choice of listening to depressed teenager. Connecting with the world is also realizing where we are and what we have. I am thankful everyday. That is my recipe that makes me a happy person. And I will keep listening to Sia and many other women singers and if it makes me sad, it ok but they are not responsible for it. I AM!

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