[ Why Boxing Is A Complete Workout for Body & Mind ]

From N-XS Fit App

Some of you had asked why we choose to insert boxing workout in N-XS Fit App, so let me explain which are the main benefits of working out as a boxing athlete:

1)It’s an incredible heart rate training.

Jumping, moving, throw punches activates all body muscles at the same time.

This makes your heart work at the maximum intensity to pump blood containing oxygen all around your body.

The N-XS Fit App “Tabata “training is great to increase your overall heart capacity and recovery.

2)Increases all body muscles tone

When you train boxing, you move at the maximum speed, stimulating all fast muscle fibers, with the result of increasing the total tone of the muscles.

3)Increases metabolism

If you are looking for an intense workout, boxing it’s what you need.

Look for zones between 80–100% MHR during your workouts to increase aerobic/anaerobic capacity and muscle condition which lead to a permanent increase in metabolism

4)Burns calories

One of the big benefits of boxing training is the amount of calories you can burn during one workout. In one hour you can burn anywhere from 750 to 900 calories.

5)Improves coordination and reflexes

Combining arms, legs and thinking on what do next it’s not easy and requires not only a good physical preparation.

Working out boxing will teach you how connect at maximum speed your brain with your muscles

6)Increases your self esteem

Boxing tests your physical and mental limitations. You will learn how to overcome obstacles giving back to your mind a self confidence never had before

7)Kicks outs stress

Throwing kicks and punches triggers the realease of endorphines, which will leave you less stressed at the end of workout

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