Why Seeing Your Heart Rate During Workouts Can Give You Better Results

Why seeing your heart rate during workouts can give you better results? Whether you’re working out to lose weight or build endurance, you need to see your heart rate to find out if you’re challenging yourself enough or if you’re using the right intensity based on what you want to achieve (endurance for high intensity cardio, fat burning for moderate intensity cardio). In short, monitoring your heart rate can help you achieve the results you’ve set from the beginning.

Smarter Training

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Pounding on a workout, you might always be exhausting yourself to the point when you’re feeling like balls hitting the wall. However, training isn’t only about working out harder but smarter.

That’s exactly what a heart rate monitor can help you with; in real time, it displays how hard you are working because it shows how fast your heart is beating.

Calories Burned

It also gives you an estimate on how many calories from fat are burned, but more accurately than what a cardio machine, such as a treadmill, displays.

So if you could see how fast your heart is beating and how many calories are burned, you’d get better results faster.

In your workout class, these details are useful to find out if you’re working out how you think you are, as well as if your exercises are effective in helping you achieve your goals.


Another great use of a heart rate monitor is to check if you’re overextending or overexerting yourself. So if it indicates your heart rate is above your working heart rate range, lower the intensity of your workout by slowing down and using fewer arm movements.


By knowing that you’re on the right track, you’ll prevent throwing in the towel in your weight loss plan.

A heart rate monitor gives you a clear picture if you’re exercising at the right intensity level and if your heart is becoming more efficient in fat burning.

With those sweats in numbers, you will stay motivated to work even harder to achieve your results.

Workout Adjustment

In the process, you’ll also discover if you have to step up or change your workout so that you will meet your goals faster.

In the same way, a heart rate monitor also helps you find a cardio workout that you enjoy.

Without even saying, seeing your heart rate during workout tells you if you’re working hard enough to get the most out of your exercise.

To achieve the training effect, see to it that you’re staying within the working heart rate for at most 30 minutes uninterrupted.

Real Time Data

And who won’t want to see how hard he or she is sweating?

With the numbers that you’ll see in real time, you’ll find motivation to workout harder or sustain the same level of intensity.

Some commercial gyms today have introduced big displays where people can see their heart rate, calories burned, and hr zone while exercising. This can be helpful as instructors can provide a more fun and engaging activities based on the numbers they all see on the screen.

The last trends show an increase of fitness clubs employing big displays to show your biometric data

Seeing your heart rate during a workout can give you better results. It tells you if you’re working hard enough to achieve your workout goals, if you’re within the safe range and if you’re overexerting yourself in the workout.

So if you want to achieve better results at a faster rate, you should start using a heart rate monitor — for smarter training. As you know, harder doesn’t always translate to better, so it’s about time to change your game and workout smarter with a heart rate monitor. After all, awareness is power!


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