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Brittany Morris from Denver, Colorado, is the Communication and Events Manager at Kapost, a B2B content marketing management system that aids marketers in planning, creating, distributing, and analyzing content.

She received her BA in Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management; but found herself joining a marketing team early on and found a passion for social media. Her hobbies include running, snowboarding, playing volleyball, and taking care of her cute little puppy. Get to know her better right here where she shares some of her work habits, favorite tools, books, and more.

What does your daily routine consist of?

I get up around 7 AM and the first thing I do is get myself some coffee. I then take my dog out, get ready for the day and drive to Boulder at about 8 AM.

Once I’m at the office and settled in, the first thing I do is pull up my stats from the day before (Google Analytics & Oktopost dashboard) and track the day’s performance. I usually have a few meeting and I try to connect with different social media managers during the day. I also participate in some Twitter chats, such as: #bufferchat (Buffer), #semrush, #brandchat #inboundhour byHubSpot.

Then once I’m home, I’ll check my email again and just chill. I do my best work between 6–9 PM so it’s a good time to focus my thought and write if I need to. Then it just starts over again.

What’s your favorite blog?

I like Coffee Cake and Cardio, which isn’t related to social media.

Other blogs I follow are: HubSpot, MarketingProfs, and SocialMedia Examiner. There are a few influencers who I like to follow and keep up with, namely: Robert Rose, Barry Feldman, Ardath Albee, and Ann Handley.

What’s your favorite book? If you are reading a book now, what is it?

My favorite go to book series is Harry Potter. Currently, I’m on book 3 of Game of Thrones (I also watch the show, but I’m ahead of where they are right now). It’s actually really fascinating, because the way the books were written and how you read the books is exactly the same way it is filmed.

What’s your favorites advice you’ve ever received? And what’s once advice you can give?

Advice received: “Don’t be afraid to try something new, every failure is an opportunity to learn something new.”

Advice to give: “Attitude is far more important than talent.”

“Attitude is far more important than talent.”

What are you top 3 work tools/apps that you use daily and that you can’t live without?

I have so many! I use our app, the Kapost platform, which is instrumental for me. I also use Oktopost and Google analytics every day. But my new favorite tool is Start A Fire, I’m always excited to receive the weekly emails telling me how my links performed in the previous week. We also use Slack within the Kapost team.

  1. Kapost
  2. Oktopost
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Start A Fire
  5. Slack

Anyone specific inspires/motivates you?

My mom :) She has worked really hard to have an influential position at a big advertising agency, all while raising kids and taking care of the family!

What’s the hardest challenge you’ve faced with social media?

Things change constantly with social media, so what might have worked the day before might not work today, next week, next month, or next quarter. You always have to be thinking of what’s the next best thing, and how can I change it up to be fresh and exciting. There’s a lot of room for opportunity, but it can also be a challenge for when you just want traffic to be turning in the right direction.

“You always have to be thinking of what’s the next best thing, and how can I change it up to be fresh and exciting.”

What’s your favorite thing about social media?

I love all the things that actually drive me crazy about it! I like seeing what kind of an impact it has. I also enjoy tracking the data and finding out what resonated with people and having the opportunity to tweak those things on a daily basis, because it is one of the easiest activities in marketing to pivot. I also love interacting with people online.

Do you have one rule you try to stick to?

I turn on “Do not disturb” on my phone at about 8 PM. So I’ll receive messages, but I won’t hear them.

One hack that you can share with us that might help our other social media managers

There are a few:

  1. Utilize Twitter lists.
  2. Post interesting blogs on LinkedIn Pulse and link back to your blog.
  3. Always be testing your social content.

Could you briefly describe what your social media marketing strategy is? And with the New Year, how will you strategy change?

We’ve switched it up here at Kapost, and we’re focused on customer experience. It’s a huge focus for 2016 and going forward, so I’m getting involved in other avenues on social. I’ll also be focusing on things we’ve excelled in the past, but also adding a few different platforms and focusing on different places where people connect and chat.

As we’re changing up our strategy, Quora is one area were we can provide feedback and get involved in conversations, kind of an integrated conversational and pro-active approach.

Any New Year’s resolutions?

Personal resolution: To be happy and stop procrastinating.

Professional resolution: To excel and meet my number and have a good year at Kapost.

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Originally published at on February 22, 2016.