A Guide On Being Grateful

Daily stress and personal problems can be a reason to feel blue and unhappy with your life, but the truth is that there is a lot to be thankful for. Thinking about this will help you be happier about what you do have, instead of feeling sorry for what you lack. Gratitude is a characteristic you should nurture into your personality and here I guide you on how to do it.

Hard times are the best time to be grateful. Seeing things from a positive viewpoint and appreciate the things we take for granted everyday can reduce stress in general and open your mind to solutions you perhaps couldn’t see before. The trick is practicing: just like any other habit or skill, being thankful for what we have needs to be practiced and practiced until it becomes a natural thing for you.

But why is being grateful so important?

It will give you perspective

When we face hardships and troubles it’s easy to think that our life sucks and feel like nothing is working out. But, stopping for a moment to consider what we have can provide us with a lot of perspective.

Complaining and feeling sorry for yourself will get you stuck, whilst being grateful for the simple things will help you face problems in a positive way. Instead of getting depressed for not owning a house, for example, be grateful that you have a place to stay and live, that’s more than what a big portion of people in the world can say about their living situation.

It will make you happier

If you start to be grateful for what you’ve achieved so far in your life and allow positivity into your heart you will see how things will start to change. When you are grateful you understand the value of people and things in your life, and by showing gratitude you will strengthen your personal relationships. You will also feel proud of yourself and proud of what you’ve achieved so far.

When you’re grateful and you show it, good things will keep coming your way and life in general will improve because you will be looking at it with a different mindset.

Pay attention to the little things: from being able to eat your favorite food to having your loved ones by your side every day. There is so much that we take for granted and it’s only when we lack it that we start appreciating what we had. Don’t let that happen to you. Start appreciating it now that you have it, not when you don’t.

Gratitude is a decision that needs consistency. Remember to always be grateful. Ways to keep it up could be making a list of all the things you have and reading it every morning before starting your day, or every evening before going to bed. If you keep a journal, adding a weekly list is another way to remind yourself of how blessed you are. And if you’re a spiritual person, gratitude prayers can help you acknowledge what you have and the people and situations that have helped you throughout your life. If you’re into meditation, there are also many guided meditations on YouTube that can help you. One of my favourite ones is Jason Stephenson’s gratitude meditation.

Gratitude can make you happier, more positive and, overall, a better person, so why wait to start practicing it? It’s as easy as saying “thank you”, start today!

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