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Help Busy People Learn Faster (While Learning More Yourself)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got dozens of Facebook and Youtube videos I want to watch but don’t have the time to.

These are insightful, educational videos that’ll teach me new things. Make me a better entrepreneur. Make me stronger and leaner. Make me a better husband and father. Make me a better man.

There’s just one problem (two, really.)

One, they’re LONG (I just watched one the other day that was a little over 3 hours.) The knowledge was life-changing. But it was a mission to get through.

Two, long-form video on Facebook can’t be sped up…

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How To Be The First Thought In Your Prospect’s Mind

My wife thinks I’m married to my computer/phone and she’s just a side-chick.

Because I spend a (seemingly) insane amount of time talking s*** on the internet.

But I’m gonna have the last laugh.

Here’s why:

I got an interesting email the other day from a VIP in the direct marketing scene.

They had this to say:

“And it wasn’t just [Monica], [JT], [Dennis]… and for many people… when I said Dubai you were the first person everyone said I should speak with.”

^^I’ve changed the names.

This wasn’t a coincidence, mind you.

It’s the result of a deliberate, 2-step…

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Be careful who you take advice from on the internet

I recently posted this in a few Facebook groups:

Your website is making this clown feel bad. #sadface

Whenever I want to get a prospect’s attention I send them a short video where I go through their website and point out a few areas they can improve for some quick conversion wins.

And let me tell you, the minute you tell them they’re doing x, y, and z wrong, and that it’s losing them money, they reply real fast.

In this post, I’m going to cover the 15 most common mistakes I see on business websites.

Plus, Other Special Snowflake Memes

Got this reply to one of our automated emails the other day:

“I wonder if these strategic emails are gonna work in this market. I tried them before, was okay to response.” [sic]

If I had a dirham for every time an old-school marketer said that I’d be able to retire.

There are a bunch of problems with this kind of thinking and basically, any argument or train of thought summarized as “I’m a special snowflake so that won’t work for me.”

I’m going to try to list them in this post and see how far we get.

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How Branding And Copywriting Interact To Grow Your Business

You ever see Olympic weightlifters in action?

To get the bar on their shoulders (or over their heads) they do what’s called the second pull. That’s the explosive jumping movement you see when you watch them. After the second pull, the weightlifter needs to drop down under the bar, lightning-fast, to get ready to stand up and complete the lift.

Now, the quicker, more agile, and more flexible the weightlifter, the faster he is able to drop under the bar after the second pull. Which means…he doesn’t have to pull as hard on the bar to get under it.

The weightlifter has to do a constant dance between strength and agility.

This is a picture of Gary Vaynerchuk to get you to click through and read. He is not mentioned in this story but you should definitely learn from his work ethic.

8 Strategies To Set You Up For Long-Term Success

A Copy Tribesman asks:

“…how to make the switch from day job to copywriting full time? I’m sure it’s done to death.”

It has been done to death, but I’m gonna tell you the “how to” anyway. Uncle Nabeel gon’ gi’ you the medicine. This is a common challenge in the gig economy.

Freelance marketers or marketing consultants who want to transition to running their own agency or micro-agency, listen close.

Hell, if you are doing anything — or plan on doing anything entrepreneurial at all, you need to pay attention.

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All Marketing Is Sleazy…Until You’re The Market

So, it’s Cyber Monday.



You may save up to 50% or more on the shiite-ton of offers this past weekend…

But you’ll save AT LEAST 100% if you exercise some self-discipline and don’t buy jack.

^^Side note: I love when marketers act like they’re above marketing, then turn around and get sold just like everyone else.

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The medicine is not Funnel Cake. I wish it was, but alas.

Got Funnel Madness? I’ve got the Medicine.

“The best marketing funnel” = HOT TOPIC in marketing and copywriting circles.

Along with NLP, open loops, how-salesy-is-too-salesy, etcetera, etcetera.

Recently, fellow copywriter Hillary Weiss wrote, “8 Observations from a Crumbling Niche — and how to Avoid Getting Crushed.”

I’ll summarize it for you:

“Your fancy schmancy marketing funnels ain’t workin’ so well anymore, because your customers are hip to the Game and can smell your pitch coming a mile away.”

She goes on:

“To fix this you need to do x, y, and z.”

What I found interesting is, in a roundabout way, she was advocating going back to the direct marketing fundamentals that have worked for…

I was a guest on the Nomad & Nerdy Show recently to talk #copywriting and #emailmarketing with Kyle Trouble

Everything you wanted to know about copywriting and email marketing

So it turns out I’ve convinced people I’m a legit copywriter. Shocking, I know.

My friend Kyle Trouble, the proprietor of, invited me on his online business podcast — Nomad and Nerdy — to talk about copywriting and email marketing.

During our discussion, I made it my goal to drill the fundamentals we all tend to forget while chasing the latest marketing fads.

Kyle split the interview into two parts.

Get on the prelaunch list for my new book, Dragon Energy: The Tao Of Personal Branding

Part 1: Everything You Need to Know About Copywriting

  • [01:30] My introduction to the world of online business and how I fell in love with copywriting
  • [03:00] How we position our services at Dropkick Copy…

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