How To Get Past Your Emotions Blocks And Fears So You Can Live The Life You Want
Benjamin Hardy

Great read Ben. I have noted few lines already mate.

Said Jack Canfield,“Everything you want is on the opposite side of fear.”

However, your article confuses me a little when you say, at the end of the day its your purpose that truly pushes you out of your comfort zone and dissects your fears.

Also the statement “ Happiness would truly be achieve when your purpose is greater than your passion”

But isn’t your underlying narrative built upon the foundations of exposing yourself to you fears so you can overcome them, and live fully to your potential but then why do you link that achieving full potential with clarity of the purpose? They don’t both add up as in, a person might not be achieving his full potential in terms of his Sales career because his bad in public speaking and he constantly fears that, hates himself for not doing enough — how does that fit into lets say about his overall purpose in life?

What are your thoughts if you may please :)