Impossible Rush Game

Battle of Facebook and Google

Impossible Rush exceeds 500,000 downloads: Google, Facebook in a battle for 15-years app whizz kid

Fifteen-year-old Ben Pasternak shot to fame in October last year after making a chart-topping iPhone game, Impossible Rush, while bored at school.

Now he’s in California, eyeing an internship with Facebook. A lot can happen in three months.

Impossible Rush, which briefly outranked apps such as Google, Gmail and Twitter on Apple’s App Store, has been sold for $US25,000 ($30,400) to French company Akkad.

Facebook’s internship department has invited the young entrepreneur to tour its headquarters. So has a vice-president at Google, after his own teenage son brought Ben’s achievements to his attention.

The teams at viral app Yo, and at Slack — a collaborative communication platform that has become a Silicon Valley darling — have also reached out to the up-and-comer.

And, for the first time, Ben is about to meet Austin Valleskey, the Chicago teenager who helped him build Impossible Rush.

The pair met in a Facebook group for high school hackers. Ben will take Austin with him when he tours Google and Facebook, scheduled for Friday.

“It’s pretty weird to finally meet all these people I speak to pretty much on a daily basis,” Ben told Fairfax Media from the Grove shopping centre in West Hollywood, where he is with his father, Mark, and younger brother, Jake.

Ben has always thought about starting a new venture himself, but says he’d “definitely like to get an internship” out of the trip.

If you haven't played this game you can get it on google play store here impossible rush game

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