Fear isn’t the enemy; stagnation is.

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Just recently I wrote about erasing the illusion that you’ve created of your ex to move forward with your life. That’s only half of the equation. The next half is to take stock of yourself and your identity.

Everyone talks about self-development and personal growth in the aftermath of a breakup — and they’re not wrong. In fact, if I were to be so bold, I would say that personal growth is the only way forward.

Focusing on myself, getting better at stuff that actually matters to me and me alone, has helped me tremendously in moving. It has helped…

“You are never satisfied, you always want more. If you have one, you want two.”

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Given recent events, I’ve been curious about how some people can still walk around with a smile on their faces. You’ve seen them — the people who seem to be happy all the time, to not have a care in the world.

Happiness has been a curious topic for me — try as I might, I can’t recall the last time I’ve been truly happy. The only time I ever talked about happiness was probably two months ago when an acquaintance stated rather matter-of-factly that “I haven’t seen you happy for a long time.”

I suppose that was the straw…

In a world that can’t stop talking, you stand to be a voice of altruism that cuts through the noise.

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An introvert is someone who is typically shy, quiet, and reserved. We prefer environments with little stimulation — our happy place is rooted in peace, calm, and serenity.

The business world is fast-paced, exciting, challenge-driven, and you’re always surrounded by high-energy people. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? Sounds like the worst possible situation you could put an introverted person in.

According to research from the Queensland University of Technology, it was found that introverts are less likely than extroverts to assume leadership roles because of their negative mindset. …

Empathy alone is just a feeling without action. To truly help others, practice compassion.

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Have you ever wondered why certain people are more compassionate than others?

We’ve all met those who seem mere acquaintances provide much-needed emotional support while the friends that we thought would be there for us… simply vanished.

It was only several months ago that I called my best friend (let’s call him Mike) to talk about issues that I was struggling with, and what he told me just before we ended the conversation was like a slap to the face — he said to tone it down.

Now, this was coming from a guy who couldn’t make it into med…

We only see what we want to see, not what truly is.

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The one time I was glad to be on YouTube a week ago was due to the discovery of Russell Brand’s videos. I have to admit though — it was a little odd watching him spout relationship advice from a spiritual perspective after being so used to his slew of cringe-worthy comedic films.

But when you’re nursing a broken heart, you’re simply open to anything and everything, any sliver of hope that might hasten your healing process. Several videos later, this very simple yet profound sentence was finally hammered into my brain:

Your ex is an illusion.

Like anyone still…

Here’s a truth bomb — being the only child kind of sucks.

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When I would tell people that I’m the only child, their faces would light up with pure glee and they’d proceed to tease me about how I always get what I want — That I’m “spoiled” and everything my parents own goes to me.

That couldn’t be any further from reality. Or, at least, my reality.

Here’s a truth bomb — being the only child kind of sucks. You’re alone to deal with every family issue that comes your way. Sometimes you find yourself stuck amid problems that shouldn’t be yours to carry. …

You’ll probably never heal from the pain of loss, and that’s okay.

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2020 has been a crazy year for everyone all over the globe. I’m sitting here wondering what’s going to come in the next few months. Within the past twenty days, I’ve lost my partner, my mother, and my dog of eight years. The first was a horrid breakup, the second was due to cancer, and the last was sudden death.

In the dark depths of grief, there are lessons to be learned. …

As you venture through life, your soul will guide you to what you need through these moments.

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With the lockdown currently still in place in my country, I’ve been on a somewhat odd journey of personal growth. One minute I might be reading soothing articles on enlightenment inspired by Buddha, the next minute I’m deep in a Mark Manson book.

One lazy afternoon, however, I came across a talk by Mindvalley’s founder, Vishen. It was one of those freebies you get from their website to entice you into spending your hard-earned money on more resources by top experts around the world.

During this one-hour talk, I discovered something that I found particularly intriguing: Kensho and Satori moments.


Keep it simple, stupid.

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The whole pandemic situation has been a real pain in the ass.

Layoffs abound, tenants kicked out from their homes, and even some having to resort to begging for food on the streets.

And then there are some of us who are lucky enough to still have a roof over our heads. Even in a crisis, life goes on, and you’ve still got to earn the bread.

As an insomniac, the lockdown has been particularly harsh on my sleep — I haven’t been able to enjoy proper sleep for the past two months, and I, like many others, have had…

Personal Growth

And how you can use it to kickstart the journey to a better you.

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With the whole world still in lockdown mode, and so much free time on my hands thanks to the absence of the need for commuting and travel, I’ve finally decided to sit my ass down and figure out how to go about this whole “personal growth” thing.

Granted, I’ve been stagnant for the past three years whilst I was in a relationship. Two relationships, in fact, during which I completely neglected my own self-growth in favor of spending more time with my partner.

Complete and utter waste of time, to be honest.

When you’ve been through shitty relationships, you realize…

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Dietitian, bookworm, dog-lover, Tolkien nerd. I write about the eternal pursuit of happiness.

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