Did you know that the Tuesday before Valentine’s Day is the number one day in the entire year that breakups happen? That’s right, 1 out of 5 relationships end just days before Valentine’s Day. Learn 3 Ways To Handle Breakups Like A Boss!

Did you happen to find yourself in this situation or do you know someone whose relationship just ended days before Valentine’s Day? How did you handle it? Were you shocked? How about devastated? Did it leave you hopeless? Were you full of questions? I can only imagine.

Let me show you such a powerful way to respond to a breakup that it may make the person rethink breaking up with you and leave you with a happy Valentine’s Day Sweetheart or help you move on to your real Sweet Thang!!!

Let me set the scene. You get the call or text saying “I think it’s better for us to go our separate ways” or whatever statement the person says to get off the hook easy. What’s your first response? You want to ask a bunch of questions, right. You want to defend yourself. You want to know all the whys. You wanna blow up. STOP RIGHT THERE!!!!

REMEMBER, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT!!! STOP!!! Say nothing. That’s right I’m telling you to not to say a word. You know why?

Confidence is quiet and insecurity is loud. You are confident!!! Men and women with confidence understand their worth and know that if someone is not satisfied with them in a relationship, they don’t have to compromise their worth by yelling, throwing a fit, breaking down hysterically or trying to cut the person off in a conversation to out talk them. Remember, you are a man or woman with confidence and you communicate that confidence when you listen, observe and allow a few pins to drop. Silence is golden!!!

So yes, I’m telling you to say nothing. Don’t respond immediately to that text message. Let a few moments of silence pass. Give the other person some time to think about what they just said to you. Most importantly, give yourself time think of a rational and confident response. After all, YOU are in control!!!

Now that you’ve had a few moments to gather your thoughts you’re going to respond with 1 question. Notice I said 1 question. Not a line of questions back to back. Why a question? Questions give you control over the conversation and allows you to show the person that you are listening attentively and that you understand the point they are trying to make.

So now I bet you’re wondering what’s the one question I can ask? Glad you asked!!! One of the most powerful questions you can ask in life and relationships is…

“Can we start over?”

This question gives you a chance to see if you are the true cause of this breakup. If the person answers “no”, show respect. You can follow up with another question, such as “How long have you been feeling this way?” Throughout this conversation, remember to keep your cool! Allow the other person to speak their full response and pause before asking another question.

If after asking these questions, you find that the other person is not budging from their decision, then close out the conversation with a final question such as… “Will there be any opportunity in the future?” State this as a matter of fact question. No whining or begging!!! You want to know the response to this question in order to move forward.

Although you can not control another person’s decisions, but you are in full control of your response and your decisions — even during a breakup. Take control of the conversation by communicating your confidence, value, and worth with silence and asking the proper questions at a controlled pace. Once you have the answers you need, you can walk away from that relationship at peace and move forward into your future.