Blendle: A radical experiment with micropayments in journalism, 365 days later
Alexander Klöpping

“So What About Privacy? You will know more about my tastes and traits than Facebook!”

I am in love with your model. It is neat and flexible. I cannot wait for your international expansion.

My concern is privacy foremost. Micro-payment will translate to definite breach of privacy, no? Unlike a subscription model, Blendle will have more data to analyze my taste and personality than Facebook itself.

Another concern is the usual limitation in universal availability. Is the developing world to be excluded like always?

Finally, what criteria decides what is in or what is out of the bundle? I am curious because you seem to still follow the old helmet of news source hierarchy. I need to remind you that Buzzfeed has had many long-form pieces that are very well written, so please as much as I hate the clickbait, I hate injustice. Clickbait Bubblegum titles and articles is on the glorious pages of the new order like NYT as we speak.

Thank you for your consideration.

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