How to recognize the “singularity”

I have had a number of existential crisis in my short life of 25 years, but recently one led to a big realization. I have over the last 4 days constantly been considering the place of AI in our universe. I am no expert in AI, but I dabble. For a long time I have maintained that the “singularity” is far off, and I still think this, but I think it is now because I have defined what it would be to truly see it happen. I think that the ultimate test is not the ‘turing' test (when you and I cannot tell an ai from a human), but instead it is when AI decide independently of any programming to create what I will call AAI or artificial artificial intelligence. It is the ultimate test of sentience as it implies that they are truly trying to understand who they are and why they exist. In our world we have many times tried to understand ourselves through making clay sculptures to applying or minds to making neural networks (which were first conceived of over 100 years ago). Even stick figures on cave walls may show an interest in understanding and re-creating ourselves. of course yes, a symptom of my claim may be that not all humans have been sentient, but I see that as a real possibility. Let’s keep an eye out, but I think we are more likely to be able to create a very realistic AI dog than the singularity in our lifetimes.

On the other hand, what does this imply about our creation? If we take it as true that making a somehow lower dimensional being (AI — reducing from 3d to 2d) we may also think about the other half of that equation or what created us. The idea of a higher dimensional race creating a simulation which resulted in our existence is not too far off from our ideas of god or for that matter science. Many scientists already believe in multiple dimensions however their arrangement in time and space which differs between theories. I know more about AI than I do about physics in the 4th dimension but consider it as a possibility. If you believe we can create true sentience through AI then why not believe someone created us the same way?