9 Tools To Launch Your Digital Brand

Online tools are an essential part of digital branding. From scheduling content to workflow management, they help to simplify long-term business goals and day to day tasks. Here are 9 tools to launch your brand.

9 Tools To Launch Your Digital Brand

1. Content Scheduling- Buffer

Buffer is a content scheduling application that allows users to posts messages across social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+).

Although there are many similar apps on the market, what sets Buffer apart from the pack is their in-depth research into the best posting frequency times.

Their study analyzed 4.8 million tweets and 10,000 profiles in the major time zones to reveal patterns in levels of engagement at different hours on social media.

The results of the study might surprise you.

While it’s possible to manually set publishing times for your content, Buffer’s Optimal Timing Tool chooses the best posting times for your city based on hours of peaked engagement.

In addition to research, Buffer also offers something that many social media management tools do not.

A preview.

Unfortunately, many apps do not show which image on the page that you linked will be shared on your network. This leaves brands in the dark as to whether or not their content will have the visual impact originally intended.

Because of its brand-friendly functionalities and data-powered content scheduling, Buffer is the app to beat.

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2. Content Engagement Analysis- Buzzsumo

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