Coffee alternatives to start your day with

All of us are in constant need of energy. If you wake up early and are energetic throughout the whole day, you can walk past this article as it is aimed at people who suffer from constant low level of energy I as had been until not so long ago.

In this post I am going to tell about all products and means that help me stay awake and alerted during the day. The tips and products are listed in ascending order — from the lowest effectiveness to the highest.

6. Drink less coffee.

Somewhere on the Internet, I found the results of a research that said if we drink less coffee, it will provide better wakefulness results. As coffee is an addictive substance that makes you crave more and more of it, it seemed strange that lower dosages can work better than the smaller ones. Yet I decided to try it and instead of two-three Frappuccinos a day I started limiting my coffee consumption to one single espresso in the morning. This method takes the last place is my rating because I didn’t find it super effective. Well, it definitely works — I don’t crave coffee drinks anymore and feel absolutely the same as I felt drinking all of those lattes and frappuccinos. But as I found more effective means to boost energy, now I even skip espresso in the morning.

5. Drink a lot of green tea.

I myself am not a fan of teas. I always preferred coffee. But not only I found out that it doesn’t help me to stay alerted during the day but also affected my stomach and is one of the reasons I developed gastritis, I decided to replace it with green tea. Why namely green tea? Because this sort of tea is known to have the highest content of caffeine which equals to ground coffee yet it doesn’t cause a sharp increase in the blood pressure or irritate the stomach. Drinking green tea with jasmine for a couple of months now, I can say that I feel much better than when I opted for coffee-containing beverages. First of all, the effect of tea is much more even during the day and you basically do not need to worry that you drink too much tea (unless you have contraindications for its consumption). It makes me feel much lighter, i.e. it doesn’t make my stomach full and achy, my skin looks much better, and my anxiety attacks are much rarer now.

4. Watch what you eat.

Food can be a great factor that makes you sluggish. The first rule that I discovered is “never overeat”. When you eat till you are full, all of the resources of your body are redirected to digesting instead of thinking, moving, etc. Secondly, watch what you eat. If you want to get a fast boost of energy and don’t mind a crash of energy level a couple of hours later — you can eat something with a lot of sugar, for example, a chocolate bar. If you need to stay alerted and energetic for a longer time, avoid sugary products. Instead, eat healthy snacks such as nuts, seeds, natural yogurt, fruits, and veggies. As for the main courses, always aim for the right balance of proteins (lean meat, fish or beans), carbs (whole grains), and fats (also meat, fish, avocado, nuts, etc.). This tip helped me not only become more enduring but also lose a couple of pounds within a month.

A sub-tip: eat products that can make you fresher because they are quickly digested or because of their refreshing scents such as oranges, mandarins, apples, bananas, berries, and so on.

3. Start your day with a cold shower.

At first, it was hard for me to follow this tip because I love a warm shower. But naturally, warmth relaxes us and cold makes us more collected. I start my days with a contrast (hot, then cold) or simply cold 5-minut shower with a refreshing citrus shower gel to kill two birds with one stone. Cold water makes me instantly awake while citrus is also a known invigorating scent used in aromatherapy. Unfortunately, you can’t take a shower when you are at work, but combined with all of the above and below listed tips, it can help you get your boost of energy from the early morning until the late night so you can fulfill all your plans, be productive and overall quite satisfied with your day.

2. Move your lazy body.

If you are lazy like me and always find excuses to start working out next week, next month, when the right moment comes, and so on, you should know that the moment is now! You may feel that you don’t have enough energy and time to hit the gym after a day at the office. But believe me, if you start exercising and last for at least a couple of weeks or a month without breaks, you will be unable to recognize yourself. Exercising starts up and accelerates your metabolic rate, makes your blood run faster through your vessels and veins. It literally makes you healthier and helps rejuvenate all of your body cells. Naturally, when your body will catch the new rhythm, it will thank you not only with the better health, shape, but also replenished energy that is enough for a long day at work, meeting with your friends and exercising. It will also improve your mood and help regain taste for life.

  1. Do not disdain smart drugs if you need a good kick.

This tip may not be suitable for everyone but I feel that I am obliged to share. In general, people are scared to use medications if they are not prescribed by their doctors. But the thing with so-called smart drugs is that they are sold over-the-counter in the majority of countries and only in the U.S. almost all medications are exclusively sold with Rx.

Wakefulness-promoting medicine of my choice is Modalert. I found out about it from my friend who uses it occasionally during the stressing works at work, when she has sleepless nights, and so on. Obviously, before buying the drug, I read about it a lot and even consulted my doctor during one of my regular visits. To my surprise, she didn’t mind me using Modalert yet hesitated to give me a prescription. She hinted that I can order Modalert online without Rx instead. I understand our doctors, they are afraid that giving a prescription for off-label uses (Modalert is used for narcolepsy) they can be charged with malpractice. So, getting the green light, I bought the drug and started using it. And now I am absolutely speechless! I’ve never been so productive and proud of myself before. Waking up in the morning, as usual, I take a 200 mg pill and 20 minutes later I feel a tremendous rush of energy. It feels like I can do anything! At work, usually, I struggle to focus on my tasks because I constantly feel the urge to procrastinate. With this smart drug, I don’t have these urges, if I engage with the task, I get submerged in it and finish it several times quicker than I would normally do. I would definitely use it every day but I don’t want to abuse it and take it only if I know that I am going to have a rough day. If you want to try it too, take into account that you may need a lower dosage. For instance, now I no longer take the whole pill as in this case I suffer from insomnia. Now, a half of a pill works great for me.

Side note: the drug is not addictive, it has almost no contraindications for use, it is widely used off-label all over the world, its safety in the long-term use is confirmed officially.

I hope my tips will help you start a new life filled in with more energy and positivity. But of course, it would be wiser to verify the compatibility of all of these methods with your health condition before you engage in vigorous exercising, cold showers, and smart drugs use.