My Gratitude Journal.

I feel grateful to the moment that i find how important to keep this daily journal near me. i used to do this practice for years without knowing that its kind of thearpy to find inner peace , i wasnt that reguler but i always had the urge to write what i did or to plan how to do it.

I used to have colourful journal wich i keep it neat and clean but full of ideas and feelings.

The fact that you are holding your feelings ( positive or negative ) and your crazy ideas between your hands or just in your pocket next to your heart gives you a powerful courge to protect your journal as its your soul and yes it is , once you fill it with everything you can’t say to anyone and sometimes you come to know about it your self after you write it down , only then you go ‘’ Hmm, so this is why i feel pressured about it!’’

I write everything, and usually i start with silly non sense news or facts and gradully it gets deep and intimate and usually i finish it with a smile and big relief breath.

I encourge eveyone to start doing this and if you keep this practice for the coming 10 days i assure you will feel lighter.

My Tip to you : Give it an honest try, and do it in your way wether you want to write it on paper snatch or hard shell note book, just Do it.