Is He Worth Submitting To?
Naeishia R Nance

Danna Colman — Thanks for your response. I guess (in my mind) respect is pretty much an automatic. But submission is a different story. For example, I have friends that I wholeheartedly respect, but they aren’t necessarily the type of ppl that I would submit to and let them lead me in this journey called life.

I think what appears to be a focus on money or job status on the surface, is actually a reflection of someone’s decision making (in my eyes). If you haven’t made good life decisions and are in a position of being unemployed, with no transportation, and living on someone’s couch, can I trust you to make the best decisions for us and our home? I mentioned in the article that I know first hand that things happen, but they are a lot of ppl that are content in that place. That’s more along the lines of what my article is referring to.

But yes, respect is always important. Being raised by true Southern belles has definitely instilled that in my brain. Lol. :)