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An old fashion show. Do gas masks ever go out of style? Photo by Museums Victoria on Unsplash

Last week, I began calling my pain clinic to ask them how I could minimize my exposure to potential vectors and still manage to complete the mandatory doctor visit so that I could receive the dole-out of pain medication that would keep me from jumping out of my skin for a month or so. …

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This display is a veritable paragon of neatness compared to my garage. Image by Tiffany Terry via Flickr. Image cropped. License.

It seems this is the year for serious (and I mean SERIOUS!) Spring cleaning here at the Tryptophan household. I have spent maybe 6–7 sessions of some hours out in the garage, simply clearing out junk and re-boxing books that were closely packed into boxes too large and heavy for my crumbling bones and irritated nerve-endings to manage.

So, the first thing this morning, I saunter out to the garage and start lifting the door — and a snake falls on my head. Literally. I had to shake the poor fellow off my shoulders. I think it must have been 3–4 feet long, a rat snake that disappeared back into the maze of boxes in the relative shady cool of the garage. …

A one line poem for LaMar Going’s Chalkboard prompt “Space”

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Aurora Borealis, or a wondrous show of molecular decay ionization emission spectra. Dancing in space. Image by Simon Hurens via Flickr. Image cropped. License.

A spark bridges a gap,

Creating all that is;

Without here and there, no space would exist,

No movement would animate the universe,

Open-ended, zero entropy, no excitement,

No sparkling light emissions, no reactions of life —

Space is change,

Space is imagination made manifest.

Here’s where the fun is:


Betta Tryptophan

Blue-haired middle-aged lady with a tendency to say socially and politically incorrect things and to make inappropriate jokes. Awkward and (sort of) proud of it

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