(112): Across the Universe, or Around It, or Under It, or God Forbid — Through It!

The blue areas are dominated by dark matter. Image by NASA Blueshift via Flickr. License.

or just stand still where you are. All the chairs are taken. Where we’re going, we don’t need chairs.

When the outer world is quiet, how loudly our inner workings seem to speak! But what if I could quiet them as well? What then would speak in order to give me something to listen to? Is there another layer beneath the silence that we can focus attention on? And, repeating this practice until all the noise is eliminated, what is left?

Our impulse sonar searching ray that gives the signal that “I am Here.”

Shut that off, and what is left?

A field of unspoken energies, un-coalesced, still chaotic from the first days after the singularity?

Dark matter?

All energy and no reflection, no sublimation into biological systems that would give rise to emergent properties of self-awareness…

What good is self-awareness in a large cosmic system?

How does it cause the universe to progress towards completion (if there is such a thing)?

Or is it simply one of those tortured side-roads that wind up a hillside, searching for a way out?

A way to complete the circuit by any means possible?

So, what do you think would happen if the Universe became self-aware? How would such a thing manifest?

Unconscious processes, expansion, dark matter allocation, quantum effects, all those things, statistically determined, now become individual acts of will? How could the Universe maintain the complexity of it? Perhaps the same way we maintain our brain — the cognition is emergent but the system is much larger. Like the iceberg you should watch out for instead of reading this nonsense.

‘Night y’all!

Endnote (wouldn’t be proper unless I added one of these): Even in a perfectly quiet room, I always hear something. That’s because I have tinnitus. There is a high-pitched sound that I can only liken to the noise I used to hear when an old-time television was switched on. And every now and then, when I am outside and there is no identifiable background noise, I fancy I hear lower-pitched harmonics, like the universe playing its own music. These days, the tinnitus is becoming more intrusive —

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