(133): It’s Spring! No! It’s Snowing! Wait, No It’s Not! Wait for It…

At least it isn’t THIS cold! This is Russian cold! Image by Paul Townsend via Flickr. License.

My husband always called this “bum killer weather,” the kind of weather that put those poor folks who are compelled to sleep under the stars in a misled state of mind, thinking it was fine weather. Then suddenly it is 30 degrees. It was in the 70 degree range a couple of days ago. Today it was rather colder, and this afternoon, it started snowing great massive flakes. If it had kept up, we would have had 6 inches of snowfall, easy! But it didn’t last long. It only kept up long enough that the steps into the dog lot became too slick for little Yoko to manage; so we played “the yard is your toilet,” wherein Kamikaze watered a black walnut tree and proceeded to investigate the holes in the front yard. Then he tried to steal an aperitif from Mother Nature (i.e., he found and tried to consume rabbit poo).

In the distance, I noticed one of our paperweights (used to be a car) had an opaque covering of white downy snow on it. And it has just started coming down again, a fine, light, misty affair, rather than the splatty, wet great gobbets of snow matter from earlier in the day. I’m too damn cold to stay out there and enjoy it though. I’ll just check out the albedo in the morning. Other than that and a rather fine pot of beef stew (if I do say so myself), in dieses Haus nichts neues. (I think that’s how you say it — my last German class was in 1986.)

Hey wait! It’s snowing again…I think. ‘Night y’all!

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