(181): Stuffed Bell Peppers by Hillbilly Measure

Near the end of the procedure. Not very neat but very tasty.

Today’s daily post is cooking, because, for once, a cooking “project” and my knowledge of the camera’s whereabouts coincided, and I also happened to have a mass of colorful peppers and the wherewithal to stuff them full of tasty stuff without having to wrangle a ride to the store to buy it first. As for how I made them, well, the only thing I measured was the rice. Everything else is hillbilly measure, which, if you’re not a hillbilly, simply means neither more nor less than what you think you need, usually measured according to the size of your hand or your finger pinch capacity or your sense of time.

First brown a box of 1.25 lbs. of ground turkey (I used a #8 iron skillet — my favorite); then I added my own special sauce and a box of mushrooms.

Rice (in progress) in the left, turkey glop in the right

Special sauce: Into an empty quart yogurt container (or other handy container), pour the following:

Salt poured into the palm of my hand that looks like about a teaspoon,

About 2 seconds worth of pouring out of the container of Florida Crystals raw sugar

A second of so pouring out of black pepper

A light covering over the heap of dry stuff with turmeric

A big-ass mass of paprika (I actually kinda lost control and probably added about 2–3 tablespoons — really meant to add more like 1 tbsp.)

Add about an inch to two inches of warm water, mix together.

Add 1 small can tomato paste and mix all together.

Add to browned and drained ground turkey.

Add 1 box (8 oz.) mushrooms, chopped.

Cook and stir until mushrooms look cooked through.

Rice: Boil a little more than 3 cups water, add 1.5 cups white rice, simmer covered until all the water is absorbed, then let sit just a while longer for good measure, because I never get it quite right.

Mix about 2/3 of the turkey glop with about half the cooked rice for 6 peppers, or use the whole mass if you want to make more like 8–10. It’s flexible!

Incomplete but visually appealing

Prepare the peppers: take the lid off each pepper and scoop out the seeds and pith. Some of my peppers wouldn’t stand up on their own, so I had to cut the points off the bottom so they would (see one of these damn fool pictures).

Minor surgery to make the pepper stand up straight

Stuff the meat/rice mixture into each pepper as they are sitting (mostly upright) on a cookie sheet to which a little more than 2 cups of water has been added (this was a guess). Bake at about 375 F for about 40 minutes or until the peppers feel soft enough that your dinner guests won’t break a tooth. (Or to your own taste).

Still incomplete but getting closer

Remove from oven and add a couple of pinches of shredded cheese to the top of each baked pepper. Return to oven on broil setting at 300 degrees F until lightly browned (or just melted if you prefer).

I don’t really have any fine china, so I served it on an Army messkit from the Vietnam War era. Really!

1965 issue messkit with current issue stuffed red pepper!

‘Night y’all, and happy eating!

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