(196): I Was Going to Call My Stepmother for Mother’s Day But I’d Need to Use a Ouija Board

Woo woo party game!

The other day, I was talking to my husband about a dinner organized by his parents (obviously for the purpose of celebrating Mother’s Day but this wasn’t divulged at the time). We had to figure out what sort of gifts to get for his mother and his aunt; this led to my talking about calling my mother and stepmother. I started to talk about calling my stepmom, and I realized, all of a sudden (as if it had only just occurred to me), that I would need a Ouija board to get through, since she’s been dead for several years.

She died young (dying at 60 isn’t normal ya know), a victim of recurrent breast cancer that came back and spread before she knew about it. By the time they caught it, it was everywhere and she didn’t have a chance. I used to call her a couple of times a year and talk about fun stuff; she was only 13 years older than me, and so the generation gap wasn’t quite there. After she divorced my father, we became more like friends than stepmom-daughter.

I always felt bad that I didn’t see her before she died, but I did get to talk to her a couple of weeks beforehand. Then she went downhill so fast she passed before I could get on a plane to see her. I decided not to attend the funeral; more and more, I have stayed away from funerals. I didn’t want to think of her as someone who was dead and on her way to burial. I wanted to think of her as my vibrant, fun-loving, hip stepmother who shared my thrift store adventures and helped me sew my own clothes and encouraged my artistic sensibilities.

I’m not really going to use the Ouija board to contact her though. I was never very good at making it work (too much of a skeptic, I think), and even if I managed to contact a spirit from the Great Beyond, it could be anyone, even Mussolini. (No, I don’t really think that Mussolini would show up on my Ouija board, but by way of illustration, it might as well be ol’ Benito as anyone).

Plus, the pictured Ouija board? It belonged to my natural mother. It’d be an awkward conversation. Luckily my natural mother is still alive, so I can call her using the regular telephone!

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