(285): Day of the Spiders (and Flies)

The web caught in a flash.

This evening, my husband worked on his elegant 100+ year old trunk on the front porch, and I noticed little specks waving from it in places. Tiny little spiders — we had had a hatching on the porch. A little ways to Stage Left, I found this little fellow, full grown, green legs with a kind of black and white body; it was hard to see the detail, as the light had begun to fail. I tried my best to capture it on camera.

If only I was better at camera work, I might have been able to show you the detail of beautiful bright green, but the fog kept condensing on the lens. I even missed filming it suddenly capture a small insect with vigorous movements. But, as the twilight began to settle in, I snapped some pictures anyway.

Too dark for the essential details, but I finally managed to focus on my subject!

The spider had built its web using the two large Jack Daniel barrels that sit on the front porch. Now doesn’t that just have the ring of hillbilly verisimilitude? And the farm about a mile and a half away from here? It feeds the cows leftover mash from Jack Daniel’s. The main Jack Daniel distillery is the next county over from here, and guess what? It’s a DRY COUNTY! I suppose that gives the distillery pride of place, you know, with no other spirits to compete.

But I digress. While the Jack Daniel spider is happily catching flies in its web on the front porch, my succulent carrion plant (Stapelia) is blooming on the back porch.

This picture is from yesterday. Those huge blossoms are open today!

When those huge flower bulbs opened, they emitted a scent that draws flies in fairly large numbers. I would not be surprised if the spiders are gathering on my porch for a reason. You could call my place kind of the backwoods Addams Family house. ‘Night y’all. Watch out for the spiders in the bed (we do).

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