(303): The Iyengar Style of Bedtime Reading

Bedside reading, to hopefully become a regular reference.

As I finally settle down to write my daily post tonight, my mind is on my bedside table. I have just received my copy of B.K.S. Iyengar’s Light on Yoga, a massive guide to yoga practice with a section on curative asanas, which is where I’m at right now, since my bulging lumbar disc seems to be wreaking havoc on almost every aspect of life. My regular workouts have become a study in restraint — so much so that I barely have a workout at all! Sleeping becomes painful every few hours, and even the all-important dog walkies is rather fatiguing from the simple struggle of moving my legs.

So tonight’s post is going to be short; instead of reading, researching, and writing a big long post like last night’s, I’m going to crack open my brand new old book and enjoy the insights and expertise of ‘the Michelangelo of yoga’ (BBC TV, from the book cover). Every restorative pose I’ve done in my weekly class has had the name Iyengar attached to it, so I figured this would be a good investment. Really, it is all thanks to Gail Boenning, who recommended the book to me. Thanks, Gail!

So I bid you all nighty night, and I’ll play about on here later on! Cheers!

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