For every Nazi Party member in Germany there were dozens who supported them strongly, hundreds who supported them tacitly, and thousands who were willing to tolerate them in power.
Having 20,000 members is a very different thing than having 20,000 invisible and unorganized…
Progressive Reformation

Actually, the overt White Supremacist movements have expressed the tacit opinions of a large contingent of the population in that they all seem to rally around President Trump. While the citizens do not overtly support the neo-Nazi cause, many of their sentiments are echoed in the ‘hollers around here and in rural and urban communities across the US.

I realize it takes many concomitant conditions to produce the environment for an uprising, and I’m not saying it will happen. But it is different from Nation of Islam in that there is a large portion of the population that agree with many of their grievances. NoI doesn’t have that grassroots support like the white supremacists do.

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