Who will take care of this current generation of working-class people when they grow old if they don’t have kids?
A Vigorous Defense of The Right to Have Kids, Whether You Can “Afford” To Or Not
Ester Bloom

As a childless middle-aged woman, I often wonder this. I don’t want to be a burden to my brother, who has 2 kids and is considerably better off than I am, not even if he can pay. I just keep a vast hoard of cool stuff that I can sell to pay bills (hopefully). Yeah, the procreation argument goes both ways: whose responsibility should it be to take care of someone who has no family? I imagine that, should it come to this, I’ll either have to beg my brother (which is abhorrent to me) or beg the government (on the other hand, I think I’d rather beg my brother.) I know my dogs aren’t going to take care of me, since they’re already elderly by the veterinary charts. :( (Oh yeah, and they can’t read and don’t have opposable thumbs, etc. etc.)

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