There is an objective reality that can be measured.
BS. There is an objective reality that can be measured.

Certainly there are objective facts, but when you start to combine the facts, strategically leaving some out to create a “point of view” then this point of view is spread throughout a large population, which then acts of it as a premise, it is then treated as real and the consequences of it are as real as if the point of view had been reality-based, rather than based on a distortion of reality.

Also, any individual vision must necessarily be a distortion of the whole reality (objective), as no one person can encompass it and clearly understand it.

I know that I am entitled to my own opinion but not my own facts, but I also know that cognitive dissonance is a powerful force and will cause subconscious manipulation of facts, even if they are not in error, to support a preconceived conclusion. This happens left, right, and center. The very fact that you invoked “RWNJ” (right wing nut job — I had to look it up) means that you dismiss outright anyone professing a rightward-leaning agenda. Unfortunately, each side tends to reduce the other to its most extreme elements, thus creating a larger divide.

Thanks for your comment, and thanks for reading!

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