My 108# anti-depressant Carl, aka Toothless — enjoy
It’s Not Getting Old That Sucks…
Sherry Kappel

Dogs are such effective antidepressants. I hope you’ve enjoyed your birthday, Sherry! I tend to ignore my own, but I stopped counting awhile back. I’m sure I’m pretty much irrelevant in my community by now, except in my yoga class, in which I’m one of the younger members (at 50+) . It’s all relative, and it’s all part of the big life cycle! As for goats, they’re all over the place in little pens down the street and big farms a mile down the road, and I enjoy seeing them every time I go out somewhere. We had a goat visitation a few weeks ago, where a very large billy goat wandered into our yard, and it drove my poor old dog Kamikaze crazy! Sometimes I wish I had had goats for my Border Aussie Sheela to herd when she was alive. (She herded me instead!) Anyway, random musings over, and Happy Birthday to you!

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