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I hope you’ll reconsider, Earl of Nutella Sandwich . I understand you’ve been in touch about harassment on Medium and they are aware of it. Perhaps you can take some time away and come back. I would hate to think you were bullied off of the platform. Of course, all the decisions are yours. Your posts have made me think and have opened my eyes to vastly different forms of stigmatization that most of society doesn’t take into consideration. It seems that, no matter how sincere or above-board you are, there are those who just won’t trust you are being sincere because they believe that your motives are ulterior, that you wish to harm instead of heal. Ideally, a dialogue would be the most helpful, but it seems the hatred and fear are too strong. A thought: perhaps you would do more good by publishing a more academic treatise on this matter under your real name or an approved “safety” pseudonym in a journal or high-impact magazine. Perhaps a call for stories from men who suffer under this stigma could be collected in a series of essays. There are many ways to present this problem to the public. It is an area that is sadly under-reported, and I’d hate to see your voice go away completely. I hope you’ll stick around, but if you go, please keep writing about this. It is an important topic! Be well!