If we simply want revenge then shaming rapists is enough but if we want to reduce rape and sexual abuse and have healthier sexual relationships then we will have to address the deep seated cultural issues that breed shame based sexual deviance.
Why some men become rapists
Salma Sitara

I often worry that much of our criminal justice system is based on revenge, rather than rehabilitation or even a “calling to accountability.” . We have long since given up the notion that incarceration for crimes is a form of “rehabilitation.” In fact, jailing a criminal usually makes him or her into a more hardened criminal. So it isn’t effective as a rehabilitation tool. It is pure punishment, and the only incentive it breeds is a desire never to return to jail. Thus, the desperate standoffs between escaped convicts or those who have committed crimes and the police. Prisons as an institution are simply a form of torture. But we still need deterrence and a calling to account for crimes against the innocent. The only real solution is to overhaul the way children are raised and taught to socialize, to try to prevent the problem before it is ingrained. But of course the treatment of children is all over the map and often correlates with socioeconomic status. So this problem won’t be solved easily, if at all.

I think perhaps you might have chosen a more apt title for your piece than you did. Some men are indeed the instigators (thereby being the causes) of rape. So perhaps something like “Treat Boys with Compassion and Teach Them Accountability So They Don’t Become Men Who Rape” might have conveyed what I see as the best reading of your thesis. Am I close?

As for shaming, the way I see it, Brock Turner was taught to be a privileged asshole by his parents, who both displayed an appalling lack of understanding of the seriousness of their son’s crime. His problems started with them, but he is very much to blame for his actions. And his parents are very much to blame for the way they brought him up. Shaming the whole lot serves to illustrate the extent and depth of the problem. Showing empathy toward that family would only reinforce the assumed privilege they already claim and do nothing to prevent future transgressions. I’ll stop here, but I hope I made my points without too much wandering.

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