I wondered how it differed from your Amaranth,
Betta, you tempt us by describing these various plants, but how about some pictures?
Louise Peacock

I’m not sure how the local brand of amaranth is different from your southern European amaranth; the kind we have is spiny amaranth, which is really hard to pull up or even touch because the spines penetrate pretty much all the gloves I have. I haven’t tried harvesting the seeds, which I think are edible in all amaranth species. It’s the spines that are the real problem, that and the fact that it crowds out the stuff I’m trying to grow. I wrote about the spiny amaranth problem here:

The photo on that post is pretty much the kind we have here, although it wasn’t taken by me (I got the image from Flickr). I can’t stop it growing around here, so it probably is a good idea for me to change my attitude about it and try to eat it!

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