nails what Capitalism has done to society, to all of us. Education has become basic training in commercial methods.
Wow, Betta, that closing bit so nails what Capitalism has done to society, to all of us.
Jack Preston King

Indeed, pure Capitalism eventually boils down to who can fool the most statistically significant number of punters into giving up money for a product or service. In effect, this means that Capitalism operates on the principle that people will not part with their money unless they believe they are getting something of value in return, a symbolic barter. Properly corrupted, as all things eventually are, people will often end up being fooled by the complex snake oil salesman, and we end up in a kleptocracy (which I think we’re already in). State sponsored communism falls victim to this same problem as well, the state acting as the salesman and then enforcer of the oligarchy that results when there is a central government body of any kind.

But I have rambled too much on my cynical view of the state of things…I think I’m trying to implement the second of three imperatives from Timothy Leary — the “tuning in.” That’s hard to do with all the static and interference all over the place! In short, I agree with you, Jack! And thanks for reading and commenting.