So where there is an obvious economic incentive to find alternative treatments ineffective compared to expensive corporate medicine, that’s what they’ll find.
In my own non-scientific view, we are being pushed continuously in 21st Century western culture to…
Jack Preston King

Indeed, the bias in studies and drug trials is enormous. I think it was Ben Goldacre who I first heard point out just how drug companies will throw out unfavorable trial data or just cut off a large cohort of the trial participants in order to achieve the approval (or disapproval) of a particular drug. There is no transparency in drug trials and thus when new drugs are released, the first generation of patients to take them end up being the unwitting guinea pigs and suffering the side effects that were conveniently ‘forgotten’ during the trials.

And you’re right about science: it is only a method, and that method needs updating. I’ve often thought that the very act of studying a process will change its outcome, much like the observer effects in quantum physics. Great observations, Jack, and thanks for reading!

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