Betta, I think many would identify themselves in that life description and empathize is a very big…
T.O. Weller

It is funny how this pen name business works. I have so many pen names, and I think they correspond roughly to life stages or something. If someone wanted to, they could easily unravel the threads. Most often, I appear on the internet with a blue wig and sunglasses on. Not the best disguise but I think it’s kind of amusing, especially when you think of the stereotypical “blue-haired old lady.” I just decided to make myself the literal “blue haired middle-aged lady.” Who knows? I have a pink wig and a green wig too. I think I’m trying hard to become an anime character! In many ways, my secretiveness seems to be a way to reinvent myself in my own eyes, to literally become someone else. I’d make a terrible secret agent though. Too careless. But this is recreation, ain’t it? ;)

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