we never worry about “compensation or having to justify an expense by earning a break-even revenue” when we pay our $9.99 a month Netflix bill. That’s a subscription service we pay for with zero thought to making a business out of it or earning our money back from using it.
Two important things to consider here, Betta.
Jack Preston King

It’s funny to think about it that way, Jack. I guess I get into the business mindset when I contemplate a subscription. Netflix is so passive, while Medium is so active (at times — I admit I spend a lot of passive reading time too). I’ve never paid to write online before; I suppose that, should I look at it like a subscription model, I might try to spiff it up more than I have. I was never confident enough of my ability to make a proper professional looking blog like the ones that use Wordpress, so I’ve never tried them before. But you do make a good argument for that being the thrust of Ev’s future plans regarding the platform. Very insightful!

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