Well, men in the military get raped all the time. They’re tough and well trained, right? Why don’t they kill their rapist with the skills that they have? Why do they ‘allow’ themselves to be raped?
Words matter, the implication of the statements that you’ve made are that your wife is too tough…
Caleb Ramsby

It’s interesting that sometimes a person can be well-trained but choke in the clutch of an encounter. In the heat of the moment, one never knows what they’re capable of or what they’ll do. When I was training in martial arts, my sensei told me a story of a 5th degree black belt who allowed a mugger to totally beat him up. He also failed to protect another person in that situation. All his skills could not save him; I don’t know why he didn’t fight back, but the fact remains that he didn’t. Why do these things happen? It is a mystery and perhaps only he knows. As I’ve aged, I’ve learned to slowly give up the idea of the zero sum. I’ve also learned not to judge the actions of others lightly, for I likely do not have all the facts. People are so quick to judge, aren’t they?