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Ok, I’m far too old and clueless to contribute, but I do look forward to reading more *specifically* Millenial stuff and remembering just how similar it sounds to how I thought back around 1995 about how those Boomers were ruining the world for us poor Gen-X’ers. (No, that’s not true. I was a throwback even in the 1970’s and desperately wanted to be a hippie when I was about 9. I also wanted to follow Mr. Spock into space.) As for Doctor Who? My knowledge cuts off back around the first hiatus after Sylvester McCoy’s incarnation. I would dearly love to watch some of the newer Doctors, but it sounds like there is a whole lot of “love interest” thrown in now that wasn’t back in the Pertwee/Baker/Davison days (the core of my watching). Anyway, I hit that Follow button and posted here (unfashionably late as usual). Cheers, y’all!

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