I also want to give a shoutout to our vet, Dr. Eaton, who was calm and gentle and steady and when her heart stopped
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Classical Sass

People so often don’t realize how difficult it is to become and be a veterinarian. I used to work in a lab at a veterinary college, and I saw things that the vets in training had to do. It takes a clarity of purpose and strength of mind and spirit to do that job. My own vet is very matter-of-fact, but she softened and became quiet in the face of what had to be done when I made that decision for Sheela. At the end it was all quiet watching to ensure the calm in Sheela’s eyes, petting her as she faded, trying to make it like going to sleep. (I swear this topic is one of the very few things that makes me tear up! Eh, everyone needs to now and then.) Happy journeys to Pouch and all the other traveling critters along the ribbon of life!