(87): Photographer Says Moon Landings Faked Because Astronauts Couldn’t Adjust Shutter Speed With Their Space Suits On

Dammit, Buzz! You cut my head off! — not so famous words of Neil Armstrong, First Man on the Moon (which is obviously bogus, because that’s Eugene Cernan and Apollo 17!)

I’ve been cooking dinner while listening to an episode of Coast to Coast AM. This time it’s a doozy. A British photographer claims that photographic evidence shows that the moon landings never happened! If only Buzz Aldrin were in the studio, there’d be a free-for-all!

Basically this fellow, Marcus Allen, who publishes a magazine called Nexus, said that the camera shutters couldn’t be operated by astronauts with heavy “oven mitt” gloves. Also the cameras would be exposed to temperatures of +100 to -100 degrees C depending on whether it was in sunlight or shadow. Also some bits about there being a whole lot of “perfect” pictures and no duds like the one at the top of this article, where you see that omnipresent photo-derp, the cut off top of the head (or helmet in this case).

Now I don’t have time to do full-out research due to my need to flip the SPAM, but here’s a nice little listicle from HuffPost telling all y’all conspiracy theorists why we DID go to the Moon!

And in the spirit of balance and fairness in the media, here’s a list of 10 reasons the Moon landings WERE (pardon me, COULD BE) faked!

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