Danna Colman

So, Danna Colman ! You’ve joined the ranks of the skunk victims! My boxer mix Kamikaze had this experience just out of puppyhood, and he also got it at point-blank range in the nose and eyes. He was suffering so much I thought I would have to rush him to the vet! You did better than I did though. I had the tomato sauce but no peroxide/baking soda formula. I lifted him bodily into the tub (to this day I don’t know how I did this as he weighed about 70 lbs. and was squirming). I washed him down with the sauce, then washed him several times, and washed everything that came into contact with him. Then the floors where he danced about in his agonies. Even so, the smell did not leave the house for several months, and I had to throw out some of the towels and his dog bed. It was an exciting night, one I hope never to repeat! Georgia has gone through what seems to be a rite of passage for dogs everywhere! I hope she’s doing ok!

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