You have to bring your datura inside for the winter?
Dusty Craig

Thanks, Dusty Craig! I just read this, and I popped up out of my bed and made some adjustments to the poor pepper baby (potbaby, I like that!) before it gets any worse off. I moved it under the incandescent that is also in the bathroom (a bit dim but good for the interim I suppose) and now it has an empty feta cheese container on top of it. I hope I didn’t let it get too puny! That trumpet plant has been through a lot, and more than once I thought I had killed it by leaving it outside during cold weather. It looked dead, but then came back more times than I can remember. I sometimes think I should plant it outside, but it occasionally plunges to single digits here in southern middle TN. There is one in a nearby town that has grown to encompass almost the entire front porch, but we’re in the rural area, and we get about 10 degrees colder than town does. So I play it safe.

Oh yes, loved the “trimming the ancient horse.” Makes it sound like a woodworking project or something! Poor fellow! Sorry about the slushballs! My dog is scared of water, so it’s hard to wash him. Weird thing is he used to love it when he was younger. If only we could see their thought bubbles!

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